About me

Hey, my name is Jeremy, I'm 18 years old and living in Germany, Saarland. As you can probably guess, my hobby consists of programming. Despite me being into programming, I never considered to do a website, so this was something completly new to me.

If you want to chat with me about Flandria or some other stuff, you can always hit me up! :)

E-Mail: HealYouDown[@]gmail.com
Discord: Jeremy#8813
Ingame: Shadow (Ber), HealYouDown(Lux)

About Flandria

You may ask, why another Florensia Fansite when there is Projekt Droplist and Flostats? Well, Flostats is not active anymore and Droplist is more or less active, but not that beautiful when it comes to user experience.
Flandria, like Flobase before, gets all it's information about monsters and so on (except drops) out of the client. However, because some things are serversided, I can't guarantee that everything is completly correct.

Development began in October 2018 and is still ongoing.