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Added Name
Complete Note
Metal Accessories
Bone Powder
Steam Valve
Fine Metal Bar
Glossy Leather
Refined Oil
Yellow Glow Wire
Shining Gear
Old Fish Bone
Metal Bar
Huge Gear Part
Red Metal
Big Shining Bead
Old Ripped Paper
Heavy Gold Pocket
Sticky Oil
Rusted Skin
Yellow Shining Glass
Fighter's Hard Skin
Shiny Metal Board
Rust Component
Turtle's Claw
Rust Turtle Shell
Stein's Gold Pocket
Suspicious Memo
Stein's Old Pickax
Stein's Old Key
Stein's Chain
Stein Collected Scrap Metal
Stein's Broken Bead
Stein's Old Sword
Teared Metal Board
Worned-out Gloves
Shabby Plank
Rotten Oil
Marriage Certificate
Extraordinary jewel Extractor
jewel (Wise Oh Biran's Necklace)
jewel (Derorantula's Ring)
jewel (Lady Kinavery's Necklace)
jewel (Little Rose's Ring)
jewel (Maegner's Necklace)
jewel (Little Baron's Earing)
jewel (100,000 Volt Crewbarian's Ring)
jewel (Nelia's Necklace)
Cyclops's Box
Welkey's Box
Blue Gangster's Box
Ignis's Essence
Draug's Box
Imp's Box
Captain Lance's Treasure Map
Lost Jewelry Box
Yellow Sign
Red Sign
Green Sign
Extraordinary jewelry Kit
High-grade jewelry Kit
Extraordinary Enhanced Armor Kit
Extraordinary Alchemy Stick
Magic Key III
Magic Key II
Magic Key I
Extraordinary scoch stone
jewel (Smart Derby's Earing)
jewel (Dock Manager Horns' Ring)
jewel (Strong Gangster Leader's Necklace)
jewel (Warloss' Earring)
High-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
High-grade jewel Extractor
Jerde's Leaf
Minor jewelry Kit
Minor jewelry Kit
High empty bottles
Middle-grade Alchemy Stick
Low-grade Alchemy Stick
High-grade scoch stone
Middle-grade scoch stone
High-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
Middle-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
jewel (Kurarum's Earring)
jewel (Supentria's Ring)
jewel (Igreb's Necklace)
jewel (Callandra's Earring)
jewel (Empress' Necklace)
jewel (Tiger Claw's Ring)
jewel (One-eyed Captain Lance's Earing)
Middle-grade jewel Extractor
Grim Reaper's Sign
Trash's Sign
Copper ore
Minor jewel Extractor
Empty bottles
yellow Sorbents
Red Sorbents
Seahorse Stone Pieces
Rough scoch stone
Minor Alchemy Stick
Low-grade scoch stone
Minor scoch stone
Minor jewelry Kit
Low-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
Minor Enhanced Armor Kit
Waterdrop Pearl
Red Bead
jewel (Boarhead Elite)
jewel (Silver Vixen)
jewel (Karigin)
jewel (Mandril)
jewel (Bastard)
jewel (Supervisor Mole)
jewel (Sound of Death)
jewel (Grim Reaper)
jewel (Trash)
jewel (Stink)
Low Grade jewel Extractor
Low quality Iron
Alloy steel
Pure iron
Cast iron
Grade 3 Iron
Grade 2 Iron
Grade 1 Iron
Grade 3 Timber
Grade 2 Timber
Grade 1 Timber
Crystal of Oblivion
Refined Ston
Hugel's Back tooth
Hugel's Antler
Hugel's Skin
Brid's Antler
Brid's Skin
Rashif's Heart gem
Rashif's Antler
Rashif's Skin of the belly
Holy Medals
Ignis soulstone
Weird Magic Needle
Strange Vouchers
Speculant meat
Speculant Thigh meat
Papegaara meat
Papegaara egg
Phohelrus meat
Tarantula Spider meat
Werwolf Thigh meat
Ghoulach meat
Hot bat meat
Hot Frog legs
Draug Meat
Reptile Meat
Spider legs
Fox Meat
Wild boar liver
Wild boar intestines
Wild boar meat
Toad legs
Strange Medals
Tarantula Poison
Vampire Heart
Leaf of Frogy Leef
Niegero Butterfly Tentacle
Eye of Hexion
Piece of Stone Treant
Eye of Frogy Leader
Horn of Frogy Leader
High Purity Parasitic Stone
Powder of Magic power
Powder of Oblivion
Fragment of Fire
Powder of Lava
Burning Heart
Tear of Aquaria
Powder of Earth
Fragment of Magic Power
Bead of Spirit
Magic Crystal
Small Magic Crystal
Broken Magic Crystal
Cayenne Pepper
Cherry Blossom Leaf
Purple Egg
Dark Blue Egg
Blue Egg
Green Egg
Yellow Egg
Orange Egg
Red Egg
Grade 5 SealBreak Pearl
Grade 4 SealBreak Pearl
Grade 3 SealBreak Pearl
Grade 2 SealBreak Pearl
Grade 1 SealBreak Pearl
Gold Medal of Honor
Silver Medal of Honor
Bronze Medal of Honor
Gold Military Cross
Silver Military Cross
Bronze Military Cross
Bag Exchange Ticket
Whiteday Letter
Whiteday Cookie
Valentine Letter
Valentine Chocolate
Dirty White Gloves
White Coral Pieces
Turbo Shells
Red Starfish
Small Shells
Broken Turbo Shells
Small Starfish
Shiny Beads
Cimwich Thorns
Box of Secret Documents
Battle Ship Keys
Wine Barrel
Bloodsea Survey Ship's Sail
Oh Biran Broken Sword
Oh Biran Jade
Oh Biran Bead
Crewbarian Broken Gems
Crewbarian Beads
Crewbarian Eyes
Kavalier Scales
Kavalier Dog Tooth
Kavalier Flesh
Cyclops Jade
Crewbarian Skin
Cimwich Beads
Welkey's Bunch of Keys
Welkey's Treasure Map
Welkey's First Glass
Captain Lance's Telescope
Captain Lance's Sign
Captain Lance's Wine Glass
Derby's Key
Derby's Cloth
Derby's Diary
Horns' Watch
Horns' Cloth
Horns' Perfume
Captain's Secret Document
The Blackdragon Leader's Sign
The Blackdragon Smoke Pocket
The Blackdragon Sign
Tarantula Thorn
Tarantula Skin Piece
Tarantula Bug Shell
Black Tarantula's Dog Tooth
Desert Tarantula's Liver
Tarantula Skin
Merfolk Flesh
Guard Shell
Bright Upgraded Iron Pieces
Lanoir's Sole of Foot
Lanoir Meat
Captured Furious Fox's Meat
Dead Bush Branches
Treant Branches
Captured Fox's Meat
Dead Treant Leaves
Dead Bush Leader Leaves
Dead Bush Warrior Leaves
Sick Treant Leaves
Draug Brenin's Gems
Shrine Guard Piece
Vicious Naar Beads
Particular Merrow Fluff
Merrow Fluff
Cruel Young Merrow Fluff
Young Merrow Fluff
Chaser Boarhead's Hoof
Soldier Boarhead's Hoof
Ravenous Ghoulach's Flesh
A Box filled with Documents
Empty Iron Box
Broken Mermaid Sculpture
Bethship Sail
Unlocked Iron Box
The Bloodsea Fork
Toolbox with Spoiled Sawblade
Rusty Toolbox
Ruined Telescope
Telescope with Broken Lens
Totally Broken Cannon
Sharkship's Sail
Usable Strings
Treasure Box Bunch of Keys
Stong Magic Stone Remains
Locked Iron Box
Flagship Bunch of Keys
Flagship Saws Bundle
Iron Box
Unmet Repair Kit Toolbox
Blackdragon Treasure Box Bunch of Keys
Battle Ship Bunch of Keys
Captain's Broken Telescope
Broken Shark Sculpture
Pieces of Misfired Shots
Rusty Upgraded Iron Piece
Piece of Iron
Strengthened Piece of Iron
Pieces of an Old Blackdragon Ship
Blackdragon Fork
Sharp Thorns
Hard Shells
Faded Skinplants
Strange Skinplants
Cracked White Bead
Ray Meat
Broken Wine Barrel
Broken Fishing Rod
Fish Bones
Piece of Ripped Clothes
Rusty Harpoon
Stopped Clock
Broken Pearl
Net Piece
Broken Shells
Small Seaweed
Small Coral
Small Fish
Rusty Iron Box
Bunch of Piped Saws
Small Sail
Repair Kit Toolbox
Bunch of Keys
Metallic Piece with Broken Edge
Cracked Skeleton
Broken Sculpture
Broken Telescope
Rusty Fork
Piece of Cannon
Broken Wine Barrel
Broken Wooden Log Box
Broken Magic Stone
Broken Piece of Glass
Old String
Rusty Iron Piece
Old Sail Piece
Old Wooden Log Piece
Quick Lesser Imp's Bead
Lesser Imp's Broken Blade
Shrine Spearman's Rusty Broken Spear
Shrine Worker's Broken Gems
Rusty Spears
Stone Knight Spear with Broken Blade
Stoneguard Piece
Broken Carreg Sculpture
Carreg Piece
Broken Stonesoldier's Piece
Stonesoldier's Broken Bead
Livre's Bead
Vogelspin Scales
Vogelspin Scales
Glutt's Bead
Papegaai's Dog Tooth
Naar Bead
Ghoulach's Dog Tooth
Starving Hagdis' Dog Tooth
Hagdis Bead
Draug Brenin's Box
Patterned Stone Piece
Draug Brenin's Sign
Elder Draug's Bead
Crazy Draug Shaman's Bead
Draug Shaman's Eyes
Draug Warrior's Eyes
Vicious Draug Servant's Scales
Draug Servant's Scales
Mighty Scales
Mole Treasure Box Key
Mole Box Key
Repaired Hoe
Old Hoe
Boarhead Water Bucket
Boarhead Wine Barrel
Boarhead Treasure Box Key
Boarhead Box Key
Secret Dungeon Master Document
Dungeon Master Old Pocket
Dungeon Master Pendant
Visman Sign
Werefox Sign
Secret Werefox Document
Fox Fur
Fox Pocket
Old Fox Pocket
Lumoth Mane
Furious Queen Hornet's Mane
Queen Hornet's Mane
Hornet's Mane
Fierce Scream Bat's Wing
Scream Bat's Wing
Mad One-eyed Bat's Wing
Ripped Bat Wing
Mad Green Bonelizard's Scales
Green Bonelizard's Scales
Blue Scales
Bonelizard's Scales
Furuncle Lizard Scales
Faded Skin
Smelly Lizard Skin
Speckled Lizard's Skin
Stone Lizard's Skin
Fragy Toes
Chubby Mudfrog Toes
Small Frog's Toes
Toad Toes
Violent Tiger Spider's Leg
Tiger Spider's Leg
Horn Spider's Leg
Fierce Raccoon Spider's Leg
Raccoon Spider's Leg
Mutated Horned Goldbug Shell
Horned Goldbug Shell
Strong Golden Silkbug Shell
Golden Silkbug Shell
Silkbug Shell
Glitt Skin
Huge MoleFlesh
Kikker Flesh
Mole Skin
Starving Small Reptile's Dog Tooth
Small Reptile's Dog Tooth
Silver Vixen's Meat
Silver Vixen's Sole of Foot
Silver Vixen's Claw
Redfox Guard's Sole of Foot
Redfox's Black Sole of Foot
Redfox's Sole of Foot
Changed Hoof
Fierce Ground Parrot's Claw
Ground Parrot's Broken Claw
Strong Dodo's Broken Claw
Dodo's Broken Claw
Broken Pearl
Broken Sculpture
Purple Sign
Unknown Bead
Bottle with Liquid
Broken Blade
Broken Jade
Unknown Bones
Blue Pearl
Broken Sculpture
Pieces of Broken Glass
Black Bead
Rusty Spear
Patterned Stone
Closed Box
Green Smoke Bead
Old Candle
Metallic Piece
Broken Gem
Sharp Tooth
Stone Piece
Colorful Cloth
Checkered Cloth
Broken Wine Glass
Blue Sign
Shiny Pendant
Round Wine Barrel
Rusty Iron Box
Old Bag
Blue Fur
Ripped Paper
Unknown Fur
Ripped Handkerchief
Rusty Key
Old Book
Old Bread
Clear Wing
Green Bug Shell
Bug Shell
Damaged Hoof
Green Appendix
Gray Skin
Red Skin
Yellow Flesh
Blue Flesh
Loaf of Meat
Red Waterdrop
Yellow Waterdrop
Black Waterdrop
Sharp Bug Leg
Sticky Bug Leg
Bug Leg
Bat Wing
Reptile Skin
Reptile's Scales
Orange Reptile's Scales
Green Reptile's Scales
Blue Reptile's Scales
Animal Heart
Frog Toes
Sharp Dog Tooth
Dog Tooth
Animal Meat Leftovers
Two Slices of Animal Meat
Animal Meat
Animal's Sole of Foot
Skinny Beast's Feet
Broken Claw
Ripped Gray Skin
Ripped Yellow Skin
Ripped Skin
Polluted Book Cover
Wooden Log
Faded Leave
Broken Branch
Orange-colored Skin
Spoiled Mushroom
Spoiled Fruit
Plain Flower
Changed Skinplants