Improved Skewer
Improved Knotted Grand Training Sword
Improved Knotted Wooden Large Sword
Improved Floret Ab
Improved Scout
Improved Blue Short Sword
Improved Knot-decorated Bronze Large Sword
Improved Epee Noir
Mark's Red Fox Canine
Mark's Edge of Moon
Mark's Blade of Moon
Mark's Rapier of Degraded noble
Improved Popgun
Improved Battle Rifle
Improved Novel Snaphance
Improved Oaken Arquebus
Mark's Dual Strike
Mark's Boarhead Strike
Improved Bitrul
Improved Rictus
Mark's Soul of Fox
Minor scoch stone
Low-grade scoch stone
Minor Alchemy Stick
Tricia's Candy
incomplete Phoenix gun
Minor Whetstone
Improved Skin Vest
Improved Smooth Leather Top
Improved Silk Shirt
Improved Tough Leather Top
Improved Motley Vest
Improved Mud Flat Tanktop
Improved Vintage Shirt
Improved Red Leather Top
Improved Leather Pants and Girdle
Improved Smooth Leather Pants and Skirt
Improved Silk Pants and Skirt
Improved Tough Leather Pants and Skirt
Improved Motley Pants
Improved Mud Flat Pants
Improved Vintage Pants
Improved Red Leather Pants
Grim Reaper's Motley Glovess
Grim Reaper's Mud Flat Gloves
Grim Reaper's Vintage Gloves
Grim Reaper's Red Leather Gloves
Trash's Motley Shoes
Trash's Mud Flat Shoes
Trash's Vintage Shoes
Trash's Red Leather Boots
Minor Enhanced Armor Kit
Low-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
Minor jewelry Kit
Coarse Mithril plate
Low-grade Mithril plate
Alchemist's Minor Powder
Alchemist's Low-grade Powder
Alchemist's Minor Herbs
Alchemist's Low-grade Herbs
minor elixir of intelligence
minor elixir of will
minor elixir of strength
minor elixir of dexterity
Alchemist's Minor Blue Sign
Minor Elixir
Low-grade Elixir
Grade 4 SealBreak Pearl
Grade 8 Upgrade Stone
Low-grade Red Sorbents
Low-grade yellow Sorbents
Shining Lanoir's Claw Necklace
Shining Lanoir's Bloodcolor Ring
Shining Lanoir's Dog Tooth Earring
Shining Stink's Ring
Shining Trash's Necklace
Shining Grim Reaper's Ring
Shining Sound of Death's Necklace
Shining Supervisor Mole's Ring
Shining Bastard's Necklace
Shining Mandril's Ring
Shining Karigin's Earring
Shining Silver Vixen's Ring
Shining Boarhead Elite's Earring
jewel (Stink)
jewel (Trash)
jewel (Grim Reaper)
jewel (Sound of Death)
jewel (Supervisor Mole)
jewel (Bastard)
jewel (Mandril)
jewel (Karigin)
jewel (Silver Vixen)
jewel (Boarhead Elite)
Red Bead
Waterdrop Pearl
Low Grade jewel Extractor
Minor jewel Extractor
Namgung's Necklace
Namgung's Earring
Namgung's Ring
Improved Obsidian Dagger
Improved Broad Sword
Improved Bastard Sword
Improved Chablanc
Rondel Dagger of Darkness
War Sword of Darkness
Slayer of Darkness
Basque Rapier of Darkness
Improved Derringer
Improved Musket
Crusher of Darkness
Chaser of Darkness
Improved Cameo
Camus of Darkness
Middle-grade scoch stone
High-grade scoch stone
Low-grade Alchemy Stick
Middle-grade Alchemy Stick
Low-grade Whetstone
Middle-grade Whetstone
Improved ColoRed Skin Vest
Improved Frost Tanktop
Improved Satin Top
Improved Sea Leather Top
Improved Waterproof Vest
Improved Hard Leather Jacket
Improved Velvet Top
Improved Studded Leather Jacket
Improved Coated Vest
Improved Fernbrake Leather Jacket
Improved Verdant Velvet Top
Improved Soft Nappa Leather Top
Waterproof Vest of Darkness
Hard Leather Jacket of Darkness
Velvet Top of Darkness
Studded Leather Jacket of Darkness
Improved Colored Leather Pants
Improved Frost Pants
Improved Satin Pants
Improved Sea Leather Pants
Improved Waterproof Pants
Improved Hard Leather Pants and Skirt
Improved Velvet Pants and Skirt
Improved Studded Leather Pants and Skirt
Improved Snake Coating Pants
Improved Fernbrake Leather Pants
Improved Verdant Velvet Pants
Improved Soft Nappa Leather Pants
Waterproof Pants of Darkness
Hard Leather Pants and Skirt of Darkness
Velvet Pants and Skirt of Darkness
Studded Leather Pants and Skirt of Darkness
Improved Colored Leather Gloves
Improved Frost Gloves
Improved Satin Gloves
Improved Sea Leather Gloves
Improved Waterproof Gloves
Improved Hard Leather Gloves
Improved Velvet Gloves
Improved Studded Leather Gloves
Improved Coated Gloves
Improved Fernbrake Leather Gloves
Improved Verdant Velvet Gloves
Improved Soft Nappa Leather Gloves
Improved Colored Shoes
Improved Rimed shoes
Improved Satin Shoes
Improved Sea Leather Boots
Improved Waterproof Shoes
Improved Hard Leather Shoes
Improved Velvet Buckle Shoes
Improved Studded Leather Boots
Improved Coated Shoes
Improved Hard Leather Shoes
Improved Velvet Buckle Shoes
Improved Soft Nappa Leather Boots
Middle-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
High-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
Middle-grade Mithril plate
High-grade Mithril plate
Low-grade jewelry Kit
Middle-grade jewelry Kit
Alchemist's Middle-grade Powder
Alchemist's Minor Ointment
Alchemist's Middle-grade Herbs
Alchemist's Minor Pills
Low-grade elixir of intelligence
Middle-grade elixir of intelligence
Low-grade elixir of will
Middle-grade elixir of will
Low-grade elixir of strength
Middle-grade elixir of strength
Low-grade elixir of dexterity
Middle-grade elixir of dexterity
Middle-grade Elixir
Grade 7 Upgrade Stone
Grade 6Upgrade Stone
jewel (One-eyed Captain Lance's Earing)
jewel (Tiger Claw's Ring)
jewel (Empress' Necklace)
jewel (Callandra's Earring)
jewel (Igreb's Necklace)
jewel (Supentria's Ring)
jewel (Kurarum's Earring)
Middle-grade jewel Extractor
Grade 3 SealBreak Pearl
Shining One-eyed Captain Lance's Earing
Shining Zerde's Ring
Shining Tiger Claw's Ring
Shining Empress' Necklace
Shining Callandra's Earring
Shining Igreb's Necklace
Shining Supentria's Ring
Shining Kurarum's Earring
Deminit's Earring
Deminit's Ring
Deminit's Necklace
Chon's Ring
Chon's Earring
Chon's Necklace
Improved Hunting Knife
Improved Falchion
Improved Spartanian
Improved Losa de Flot
Improved Pixy Pistol
Improved Hackbut
Improved Shell
High-grade Enhanced Armor Kit
High-grade Whetstone
Improved Biased Vest
Improved Viridescent Leather Jacket
Improved Azure Velvet Top
Improved Hard Nubuck Leather Top
Improved Scirocco Jacket
Improved Fir Tree Jacket
Improved Romantic Top Suit
Improved Dhole Vest
Improved Biased Pants
Improved Viridescent Leather Pants
Improved Azure Velvet Pants
Improved Hard Nubuck Leather Pants
Improved Scirocco Pants and Girded Skirt
Improved Fir Tree Pants and Skirt
Improved Romantic Formal Pants and Skirt
Improved Culottes and Skirt of Dhole
Improved Biased Gloves
Improved Viridescent Leather Gloves
Improved Azure Velvet Gloves
Improved Hard Nubuck Leather Gloves
Improved Scirocco Gloves
Improved Fir Tree Gloves
Improved Romantic Formal Gloves
Improved Dhole Vambrace
Improved Biased Shoes
Improved Viridescent Leather Shoes
Improved Azure Velvet Shoes
Improved Hard Nubuck Leather Boots
Improved Scirocco Shoes
Improved Fir Tree Gaiter Boots
Improved Romantic Formal Shoes
Improved Long Boots of Dhole
Improved Pelte
Improved Broad Shield
Improved Buckler
Extraordinary Mithril plate
Alchemist's Low-grade Ointment
Alchemist's Middle-grade Ointment
Alchemist's Low-grade Pills
Alchemist's Middle-grade Pills
High-grade elixir of intelligence
High-grade elixir of will
High-grade elixir of strength
High-grade elixir of dexterity
High-grade Elixir
Grade 5 Upgrade Stone
Grade 4 Upgrade Stone
jewel (Warloss' Earring)
jewel (Strong Gangster Leader's Necklace)
jewel (Dock Manager Horns' Ring)
jewel (Smart Derby's Earing)
Shining Warloss' Earring
Shining Strong Gangster Leader's Necklace
Shining Dock Manager Horns' Ring
Shining Smart Derby's Earing
Lasta's Ring
Lasta's Earring
Lasta's Necklace
High-grade jewel Extractor
Grade 2 SealBreak Pearl
Pugio Dagger
Viking Sword
Great Sword
Celestial Dagger
Crimson Sword
Mail Breaker
Giant Sword
Elven Rapier
Secret Dagger
Secret Long Sword
Secret Claymore
Secret Ropera
Droes Jambiya
Droes Saber
Droes Great Slam
Droes del Mar
Bess Pistol
Derringer Raider
Secret Ash Maker
Secret Brown Bess
Droes Pistol
Droes Hand Cannon
Secret Markaritum
Droes Gradibus
Extraordinary Alchemy Stick
Extraordinary scoch stone
Extraordinary Whetstone
Magic Key I
Magic Key II
Magic Key III
Sea Wind Jacket
Quilted Fir Jacket
Luxurious Top Suit
Eurasian Vest
Wind Gust Jacket
Wildcat Jacket
Elegant Top Suit
Wolf Vest
Droes Jacket
Droes Jumper
Droes Top
Droes Doublet
Sea Wind Pants
Quilted Fir Tree Pants
Luxurious Suit Pants
Lynx Pants
Wind Gust Pants
Wildcat Pants
Elegant Suit Pants
Wolf Pants
Droes Pants
Droes Pants
Droes Skirt
Droes Culotte
Sea Wind Gloves
Quilted Fir Tree Gloves
Luxurious Formal Gloves
Lynx Vambrace
Wind Gust Gloves
Wildcat Gloves
Elegant Formal Gloves
Wolf Vambrace
Droes Gloves
Droes Gloves
Droes Gloves
Droes Vambrace
Sea Wind Shoes
Quilted Dark Fir Tree Boots
Luxurious Formal Shoes
Lynx Long Boots
Wind Gust Shoes
Wildcat Boots
Elegant Formal Shoes
Wolf Long Boots
Droes Shoes
Droes Boots
Droes Shoes
Long Boots of Droes
Droes Shiled
Extraordinary Enhanced Armor Kit
High-grade jewelry Kit
Extraordinary jewelry Kit
Extraordinary elixir of intelligence
Extraordinary elixir of will
Extraordinary elixir of strength
Extraordinary elixir of dexterity
Extraordinary Elixir
Alchemist's HP Potion I
Alchemist's HP Potion II
Alchemist's HP Potion III
Alchemist's MP Potion I
Alchemist's MP Potion II
Alchemist's MP Potion III
Alchemist's Minor PurPle Sign
Alchemist's Minor Green Sign
Alchemist's Minor Red Sign
Alchemist's Minor Yellow Sign
Grade 3 Upgrade Stone
Grade 2 Upgrade Stone
Grade 1 Upgrade Stone
Mole Box
Captain Lance's Box
Imp's Box
Draug's Box
Ignis's Essence
Blue Gangster's Box
Welkey's Box
Pearl Gemstone
jewel (Nelia's Necklace)
jewel (100,000 Volt Crewbarian's Ring)
jewel (Little Baron's Earing)
jewel (Maegner's Necklace)
jewel (Little Rose's Ring)
jewel (Lady Kinavery's Necklace)
jewel (Derorantula's Ring)
jewel (Wise Oh Biran's Necklace)
Shining Nelia's Necklace
Shining 100,000 Volt Crewbarian's Ring
Shining Little Baron's Earing
Shining Maegner's Necklace
Shining Little Rose's Ring
Shining Lady Kinavery's Necklace
Shining Derorantula's Ring
Shining Wise Oh Biran's Necklace
Captain Mark
Token of Lords
Immortal Earrings
Dragon Heart
Droes Earrings
Extraordinary jewel Extractor
Grade 1 SealBreak Pearl